Spent a while on the phone to a friend today, and we’ve not talked for ages. Why does life get in the way of life sometimes. It’s so crucial to keep close to people. I make work about life, about people how can I hope to be truthful without experiencing life. I must get out of this current pattern of life. I want to see more, speak more and live more.




Nothing I create can be a beautiful as the natural creation of a tulip.



I’ve been struck down-my stomach is being very creative, but not much else of me.


Staying over

Spending a night at my aunts, going over travel photos, eating nice food and talking about the future. Feels quite nice.


Rage in the Cameo

We sit down in the Cameo, to watch a double bill on a Sunday afternoon and out of the dimming light as the movie began we heard “Security, he’s hit me!” All about a confusion over seats, but where does this rage come from? Let’s enjoy our creative shared experience, shall we?

To lie in bed

To lie In bed and sleep so well,
the weeks work well done.
To lie in bed and dream so sweet,
Of what is next to come.


My work is over

A month of work and now its over, I look forward to making my invoice today. Not very creative in itself, but cumulative.